Risk Management Policy

1. Overview

Risk Management is an important aspect for any organization. It is the nerve of the company. A poorly planned risk management system may result in the compromise of the safety and security of the whole business operation of the company as well as of the clients. As such, the employees, clients, vendors and all those associated with AIRAN FINSTOCKS PVT LTD are responsible for taking the appropriate steps, as outlined below, in order to ensure smooth running of the business operation.

2. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to establish a standard for protection of the safety and security of the business as well as of the clients and all those who are associated with the organization.

3. Scope

The scope of this policy includes all personnel who are dealing with AIRAN FINSTOCKS PVT LTD and are associated as either an employee, client or in any other way which may effect the operational activity of AIRAN FINSTOCKS PVT LTD.

4. General Guidelines

4.1 Opening of Account / Client Registration

  • All persons associated with AIRAN FINSTOCKS PVT LTD as an employee must read all the policy documents as well as the procedural manuals and should be well versed with all the systems and procedures.
  • Besides the above, all employees should also read and understand the various circulars being issued by the authorities viz; SEBI, Exchanges, CDSL, etc., from time to time.
  • All policies and guidelines issued by the competent authorities in regards to the day-to-day operations, should be properly and clearly informed to all the concerned clients – existing as well as prospective.
  • It should be ensured that all the clients are well aware of the rules and regulations
  • Such guidelines should also be disseminated on the website.
  • At the time or opening an account or while registering the client for trading activity, the KYC (Know Your Client) norms, as prescribed by SEBI / CDSL / NSE / BSE should be strictly followed.
  • All employees responsible in the above activity should ensure the above and thereby satisfy themselves of the credentials of the client in order to ensure safe and smooth operation of the clients’ activities.
  • In regards to the KYC norms, the client should give their full and correct details as on the date of filling up the application form. They should also give their full and correct financial details.
  • Any suppression of the material facts by the client should be dealt with seriously by the concerned authority and the same should be reported to the higher authorities.
  • In case, if there is any doubt with regards to the financial status of the client, the same should be properly verified by the employee. If required, they should ask the client submit further details in this regard to authenticate the details provided by them earlier. Wherever necessary, one of the employees should visit the client’s residence in order to authenticate the details provided by the client.